"Air Quality Control" Section

Control Activities:
- To inspect the effectiveness of air filtering equipment;
- To inspect companies that are sources of controlled emissions but do not use filtering equipment;
- To check up on signals and complaints from citizens;
- To control the execution of certain provisions;
- To inspect uncontrolled emission sources;
- To participate in inspections together with the Inspection of Hygiene and Epidemics (IHE), the Civil Guard (CG) and other state institutions;
- To issue registration cards for Huge Immobile Sources (HIS).

  Administrative Services:
- To issue assessments for privatization of industrial sites;
- To prepare standpoints needed by the State Commission of Acceptance for privatization of industrial sites;
- To prepare assessments in regard to the Evaluation of Environmental Impact issued by the RIEW;
- To prepare assessments for 72-hour test runs under operational conditions in industrial sites emitting air contaminating substances;
- To approve draft projects.

  Functions of Sanction:
- To impose single and running sanctions to companies and sole-traders which, through their activity, emit waste gases in the environmental air, if those gases contain harmful substances (contaminators) above the permissible levels (concentration of harmful substances in waste gases);
- To impose penalties to persons for breaking the environment laws.

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