"Provision of Information and Public Relations" Section

The basic task of this department is to build up a good public image of the RIEW. It also has the function to acquaint the society with the essence of our activities, to convince the people to preserve the nature and to provide conceivable information about the state of the environment.
  We would like to convince the people that in order to preserve the nature we need their assistance and help. We try to make them realize that the preservation of the natural resources of Bulgaria will ensure a clean and healthy environment to live in.
  The coordination among the RIEW, the Local Authorities and the rest of the state institutions is one of the basic clues to nature preservation and its steady recovering.
  Some of the major functions of the department are as follows:
  - Arrangement of weekly press conferences regarding the control and preventive activities carried out by the RIEW;
  - Preparation and issuing of monthly and annual reports about the state of the environment and the tendencies that influence its state;
  - Maintenance of a Web site of the RIEW;
  - Preparation and implementation of events related to nature and environment;
  - Establishment, maintenance and improvement of Information Center in the RIEW;
  - Development and implementation of programs for children;
  - Cooperation with the non-governmental organizations and assisting their activities;
  - Arrangement of Internet forums concerning the problems and the solutions for environment preservation;
  Consultation of the local and the regional authorities about information sources related to nature preservation and programs and projects for funding such activities.

Tel.: 092/ 663 165, extension 106
E-mail:[email protected]

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